~Upcoming Class Sneak!~

How r u all doin today? I have been busy working on this....

Sorry to tease you like this, but I couldn't wait any longer to share it with you...It's an upcoming class I will be teaching at Scrapbook Studio :) More details (like the date, price and such) to follow soon! 

Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments about my previous post! Tracy, I love that this is such a special time and although sometime stressful, it really is a lot of fun too!
Oh and Lisa  - mom's are usually right :) but we all know what happens when we admit it! lol

 Hope to be back soon with more creations! Thank you all for your patience with my busy schedule, and for all of your visits!


p.s. What do you think of this palette for my wedding???

Image from my Pinterest board :)

Oh and what about these flowers?

Also from Pinterest :)


8 lovely comments:

Tanya said...

What a gorgeous peek! And I love the color palette!

Linda Pekrul said...

Love your colors and that bouquet is stunning!

Crystal Thomas said...

I love the flowers

Sabrina said...

Hi Ivana, what you did for the upcoming class is certainly gorgeous, a huge tease indeed!! ;) Oh those palette and flower are pretty, your wedding I presume will be sweet and lovely, gonna be SO you!! Enjoy your weekend, Ivana!!

Vicky Alberto said...

LOVE that wedding palette - so you :) Miss you!!!

Theresa said...

The colours are so you & I like the flowers. They have a nice overall sense of texture. Good luck with the rest of the planning & I love your class sneak peek! Are you doing a layout or something else?

Janetcraft said...

HI Ivana, no matter any colors /any type of flowers, any type of designs, any type of textures, you still hold the best deco and I love your styles..!!
Good luck with your stress moment..but take care!

Stay True To God said...

Hi Ivana! :)

Gorgeous color palette... totally captures the feminine side and graduates to the masculine side... PERFECT for a wedding!!!

LOVE the fabric rose! Did you make it... or buy it? You do such *SWEET* work!

Have FUN and take care sweetie!! :)

God bless & big, big hugs...


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