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In a tropical paradise right now... For many of you who live in other (warm) parts of the world, it may not seem like it could ever get as cold as it does here in the North...But trust me, there are days (like today) when it is so cold that you'd rather stay inside and avoid the outdoors altogether. Days like today make me so glad to have a warm home where I can stay buried under piles of blankets with a hot cup of tea...fighting away the frigid cold....
But every once in a while, even this is not enough. Every winter, there is always that one day, which just so happens to be today...where I wish I could be somewhere warm.
Since I don't see a trip anytime in my immediate future, I thought the next best thing would be to just scrap a photo of one of our vacations :)

This was a trip we took to Mexico several years ago.We had excruciatingly hot weather every day (just the way I like it), and this photo (even though we both look extremely disheveled and the photo is of poor quality) is one of my fave vacation photos.
Why you ask?
Everything about this photo screams 'vacation' to me. We both look so relaxed, the sun beating down on us...with drinks in our hands...smiling from ear to ear....
Not to mention the bright turquoise sea... it looks so inviting... Everything about this photo makes me happy :)

So, since I have been on a Webster's tear lately...I thought the Sweet Season collection was PERFECT for this page! I know it's meant as a winter line...but that's the great thing about Webster's...all the lines are so fun and interesting that they can easily be used any time of year for any occasion.
I also dug a little deeper in my paper stash and found some old Webster's papers which I love :) and thought I would use those up too.

I used the Sweet Season diecut (love!) and cut out the inside part so I could use it as a 'frame'. I added some liquid pearls to accent the pretty shape and added some fun florals...
I used a combo of Webster's Cardstock Letters, American Crafts Foam (white with pink liquid pearls) and Remark (multi-coloured) letters.

This pretty brown patterned paper is from an older Webster's line, and to make it work for the layout, I added a few brightly coloured flowers (swiped with paint) for a beachy, sun washed look.

A few stamps, some painted leaves, a teeny bit of distressing...and I feel like I am already on my way back! Too bad that's not really the case...

Thanks for tuning in...I wish you all a happy (and warm) day!



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  1. Oh I feel your pain....we just had our 2nd winter storm and spent yesterday watching them pull cars out of the ditch in front of our home....even the sheriff had to get pulled out. Not looking forward to having to leave the comfort of my warm home and head to work in the morning...there is a two hour delay for the schools due to the weather. I am thinking this is not going to be a very fun winter. Oh, beautiful LO!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The paint details on this is AMAZING, beautiful picture of you guys too!

  3. Ivana this is magical! I love it so much! One of your many many beautiful pages - but my favorite so far:)


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