~Santa's Workshop~

To some, this probably seems a little silly...but to me, a perfectly wrapped gift is just as important as what is inside the pretty packaging. So what is one to do when store-bought wrapping paper fails to inspire?

Get crafty, of course!

I started by transforming my house into Santa's workshop (think piles of paper, glue, scizzors, ribbons, jingle bells, punches, glitter, snowflakes, and LOTS of tulle...)

Got a little creative along the way....

Burnt a couple of fingers on my hot glue gun...

But it was all worth it :)

I love how they all turned out. Each gift thoughtfully wrapped with unique trimming to match. My frustrating search for just the right wrapping was not a failure, after all.
It may be a little late, except for you late-shoppers out there, but try creating your own wrapping this holiday season...I guarantee you'll put a smile on someone's face before they even get to the goodies inside!

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2 lovely comments:

  1. WOW! So wintery and beautiful!!

  2. Wow, Ivana, these are just amazing!!! I love them all. What wonderful gifts to receive. You are so talented, girl. I love your stuff!!


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