~We all need a Warm Welcome Once in a While~

Hello everyone! Hope your Sunday has been fabulous! I just wanted to post another little project I worked on late last night and finished up this morning.
I thought my scraproom was lacking a little warmth these days,
so I figured what better than a "Welcome Banner" to spark
things up a bit. Of course, it's in the same shabby style you
expect to see from me and it will be the perfect little addition to my shabby chic decor
in my scraproom!
I plan to take it in to the shop for a little while and hang it in the doorway to our HUGE scraproom. After all, we all need a little warm welcome once in a while!

Here's a more close-up shot of the banner....

...and another one...

....and yet another one!
Below, you will find shots of each individual letter in case you feel
inspired to make your own little banner!
Enjoy! :)

Thanks for stopping by and have yourselves a lovely night!!!



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