~ A Poem of Love ~

Howdy, everyone! This must be a miracle - two posts in one night!? How can this be?
To be honest, I don't even know how I am finding the time to do this right now.
So many things need to be done at my house...ongoing renos, cleaning, organizing for the week...all very important things...all very unlikely to get done
on a Friday night...so instead, I am blogging!
Ahh life is short...and besides, how could I not share my little poem frame with you?
Like most of what I create, it started out as something different...actually just as a
simple little frame...I know, boring!
But then, something magical happened. I ran out of space to place the photo.
Out of my distress, I found a solution!
I had been dying to find a way to scrap a love poem that I have had for a while,
and this little number fit the bill perfectly!
So with a bit of distress paint, some 10 Second Studio Metal sheets (a stylus and a sanding block), lots of chunky vintage glitter, and handmade flowers.....I
have in my possession a darling little poem holder!
Whenever I want to read it, I can pull it out - it is inside the heavenly glittered
note paper - sort of like a little secret :)

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your night!!



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