~A Bit Too Early?~

Yes, I know Christmas is still two months away, but I just couldn't help myself!
It's just funny how a season can convey such a strong feeling in a person...For me,
the holiday season does just that.
I love everything about it. I love that I get to travel home to spend time with loved ones, I love that I have a home to go where it is cozy and warm, I love the soothing aromas from my mom's kitchen whether it be a beautiful holiday feast or a simple cup of hot cider....I love everything about those few days in which every care disappears and we have time to take in the true beauty of life.
So, I made this card to represent all of those feelings I have for my most favourite time of the year.
I can barely wait for the holidays to come...until then, I will stick to making cards that make me feel like "it's the most wonderful time of the year"! :)

I wanted to show a close up so you could see the details a bit better - especially the little button cluster. I glued several buttons down, sort of like a pyramid, and then covered them in beautiful, sparkly, chunky glitter! Then I placed a little bead in the center with a lovely pink rhinestone. I tried to mimic the way snow
covers the trees by glittering only the top of the letters, and I also roughly
painted the brackets with distress paint so that it would look
I finished it off with lace, more buttons, a few more touches of glitter.....
and now I want to make more!!!
I guess it will keep me busy until I get the a-ok from my dear bf to decorate our
place with my overwhelming collection of Christmas goodies or until
I need to last-minute shop for all the loved ones....can't wait!

Thank you all for lookin!



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