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~Looking for a New Home~

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I've been told that moving is one of the great stresses in life. While that may be true, there are sweet moments to be found in between all the hectic ones. Like this past weekend - which, among all of the sorting and packing, was full with plenty of sweet trips down memory lane for both hubby and I.

Packing has really urged us to look into the greatest depths of our home...Places where one dares not to venture normally. And the greatest thing about pulling things from under the bed, or the back of a dusty closet, is all the treasures to be found. Making the entire process well worth the trouble.
As you might imagine, my scrapbook room has proved to be one of the greatest treasure troves of our home. No surprise there :)

 I have found so many little bits in my hunt thus far. Lovely papers, pretty embellishments, old pictures, tools, trinkets, and heaps of my handmade cards... 

Opening mysterious boxes from the back of my crafty closet, I felt like a little kid all over again. It was just like I was back at home, searching through mom`s jewelry box or uncovering her pretty dresses and special-occasion shoes...

In one of the mystery boxes I found a pile of handmade cards.

I thought about packing the box up, or using them up before the move, but deep down inside, I knew that with the move and all, they would be packed up again, lost in an massive abyss of boxes, for who knows how long.

So what is a girl to do with all of these pretty cards? I heed and hawed and finally
thought, maybe, just maybe, it was a sign to finally let go. Seeing that I already share most of my cards in my Etsy Shoppe, I couldn't see a good reason (other than being a card hoarder) to keep them.

 So, I took a few extra minutes this morning to gather and photograph these sweet little card bundles.

 I hope that with your help, these lovelies can find a new home where they will be shared with loved ones. Even taking them apart to re-purpose the embellies would be better than them hiding in lonely, dark boxes :)

~Card Bundle 1~
~SOLD. This bundle is no longer available for purchase.~
 I really love the cards in this set, and they definitely took my heart on a trip down memory lane...I created the two layered cards (Hello & Good Friend) during my early years of cardmaking...Right around the time that I designed with Webster's. Such wonderful, wonderful moments...The other two cards featured in this bundle, are cards I created for a class at Miss Arts Papercrafting School - evoking more happy crafty memories :) Two more cards round out this bundle - an anniversary card and a simple & sweet heart card. With all the soft colors, layers and details, this bundle is just perfect for the vintage-loving, shabby chic soul.

~Card Bundle 2~
~SOLD. This bundle is no longer available for purchase.~
This bundle is one for the romantic heart - full of oodles of soft color. From three beautiful light pink holiday cards, to the  peach/black sympathy and congrats cards, it's a perfect little mixed card set if you are looking to stock up.

~Card Bundle 3~
~SOLD. This bundle is no longer available for purchase.~
Bundle #3 consists of two holiday cards in sweet candy colors, a felt pocket, with a coordinating tag tucked inside, two small brown bags decorated in a wintery theme, and a crafty card with a miniature pinwheel on a pullout tag.

~Card Bundle 4~
~SOLD. This bundle is no longer available for purchase.~
This bundle is perfect for the holidays, full of bright reds, earth tones and lots of sparkle and shine. It consists of a shabby chic box, decorated with twill tape, glittered flowers, pins, and a vintage ticket, as well as a felt pocket, with a coordinating tag tucked inside. Both items would make for lovely Christmas packaging.

I am not listing the bundles through Etsy, as I want to keep the price as low as possible by avoiding the pesky Etsy fees :) If you are interested in picking up one or more of these card bundles, simply send me an email ( with your requests, and with your shipping address so that I can put them aside and send a shipping quote.

And because today is the one year (and one month) anniversary since my Etsy Shoppe opened, I am giving away an item from the shoppe to one random reader! Just comment below to enter. I will draw for the winner in about a week, and if you just so happen to pick up one of these bundles, I will combine the shipping, so it's a reduced rate :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet and for all the support and love. It means so much very much to me.

Happy Day to All,



21 lovely comments:

Elena Olinevich said...

all of them are incredible. I wish I could buy all of them)))

Mihaela said...

Your cards are always adorable, I love them!


I love your cards, they are so elegant

Ewa M said...

Your cards are real miracles

Laura Turcotte said...

Absolutely beautiful cards! I love it when I find forgotten 'treasures'! I wish I could get one of those beautiful bundles, but with Xmas just around the corner, I am on a spending freeze...."sigh"

Paper Profusion said...

All of these are so so beautiful Ivana. Nicola x

Sue said...

OMGoodness your work is absolutely, positively and over-the-top beautiful. I would love to be entered in the drawing to win something from your Etsy shoppe. Thank you for this chance.

Emily H said...

Your cards are always so inspiring! Happy Anniversary! I would love to win something from your shop. :)

Lolô Artesanato said...

All cards are gorgeous!
love each one

Scrapthat said...

Oh my goodness but these are lovely!!
As for those things that you have a hard time parting with when you move if they don't sell (and I can't see that BUT) How about giving to a Hospital to brighten the days of patients? or perhaps since they are blank donate them in bundles to teachers so that they may use them??
Random acts of craftiness.... Leave a box with a tag that says finders keepers! May this box bring you joy in sharing (????)
just a few ideas....OR you could send them all to me, I find your layering ability quite inspiring! :D

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

How much fun finding these beauties!!! Congrats and such beautiful work once again I am in awe!

Vicky Alberto said...

These are beautiful... happy anniversary :)

-Aneta- said...

I'm so excited for you my dear :) Such an amazing bundles you have prepared for us Ivana :) Owning one of your stunning creations is big privilege and I'm so lucky to have a few treasures made by you. Yours bundles brought us together and our amazing friendship started. When I see that you are looking for the new home for these beauties my heart skips a bit. I´m sure they will. Congrats on one year of your shoppe! xoxo Aneta

Scrapthat said...
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Amy_S17 said...

Your creations are beautiful, and I'm so proud of my beautiful friend... sleep deprivation not included in this comment! Love you and miss you xox

Karen Conner said...

They are all beautiful! They look sugar coated!! Love them.

Marlou McAlees said...

your work is so precious Ivana ♥

memarilyn said...

Such treasures you found Ivana! Just love your new project for Maja Design too!!!
Marilyn M

Sue Bridges said...

Wow you really did find treasures! Beautiful work!

pattyo said...

No surprise that your gorgeous cards sold out so quickly! It is a good feeling to clean things out--making room for more!!

Jill Norwood said...

Such beautiful creations! Little pieces of your heart and love in paper form! Just beautiful!

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