A Gift from Iceland

~Gift from the Heart~

Did I ever tell you about Aneta?
Like myself, she is an avid paper crafter, and a little while ago, we had the opportunity to connect online. 

Aneta picked up several bundles I was featuring on my blog a while back, and we had a few struggles getting the shipment in order, but it gave us an opportunity to exchange a few emails as she awaited the bundles to arrive. 

I noticed right away that we had a connection, and I felt SO blessed to know such a talented artist who's work I admire so much. So naturally, our e-mails, blog comments, and other communication continued as we got to know each other a little better...

In the meantime, Aneta asked for my address so that she could send a little birthday surprise my way, so long as I would be surprised when the packet got here...I promised her I would be. 

But I can honestly say, I never expected this!

Here are the two beautiful creations she sent my way, crafted to perfection, and the deeeeeeeelicious chocolate she packed inside the gorgeous box.

I cried when I read the inside of her beautiful card...

"My Dear Ivana, Happy Birthday - Late but straight form the heart! I hope you like chocolate (send you some best Icelandic) and I hope you can use this box for something pretty (like lace maybe?). Hugs and Kisses, Aneta"

A thoughtful and heartfelt gesture that I could have never imaged to be the lucky recipient of! 
She even hand-crafted the beautiful window and shutters on this card. 

Tucked inside the packet, was also this beautiful box. Decorated in the most beautiful shabby chic colors, flowers and layers. I looked at all the details for a very long time before I opened it up. 

Everything so lovingly created, every detail so beautifully crafted....Oh Antea, if only you could have seen the look on my face as I was admiring your beautiful work. 

When I finally got around to opening the lovely box, I saw another wonderful surprise inside. 
I am an avid chocolate fan - and the assortment of this delicious Icelandic chocolate had me replacing my breakfast with a nice, big serving of choco early in the a.m.

I asked Aneta if I may do a post about her lovely gift on my blog, not only to show the gift she has sent my way, but to also share what a beautiful and thoughtful person she is, and what tremendous talent she has. 

I can only hope that wherever you are, you will visit her lovely blog, and say hi :) 

As for me, I have only one wish... To meet Aneta one day, so that we can enjoy this beautiful friendship in person. 

Thank you Aneta, from the bottom of my heart for lighting up my life. I am so blessed to know you. 




10 lovely comments:

-Aneta- said...

Now you make me cry Ivana ... I´m speechless! I don´t know what to say ..Thank you to begin with..and you ! You are the woman with a BIG heart, BIG talent and BIG passion for
everything you do and create.. NEVER CHANGE! xoxo Aneta

Jóna said...

Þetta er alveg rosalega fallegt hjá þér :)

Jill Norwood said...

Such a beautiful friendship and such a lovely gift too! You are both so sweet and talented! Thanks for sharing her art and gifts with all of us! I am off to check out her blog!
:) Jill

Mihaela said...

Great work, love how you decorated the box!!!

Ros Crawford said...

What stunning creations ... I am going over to say Hi!

Donna Chartrand said...

What a beautiful birthday gift ~ and all the best birthday wishes to you! ;)

purple_pea_fran said...

Wow, what beautiful cards and an even more beautiful thought! X

Karen Otterbacher said...

What a story Ivana!! You are so blessed!!
I will visit her blog~

Evgenia Petzer said...

absolutely beautiful!

Magda said...

These are the things that makes life so beautiful!
What a very beautiful gift and friendship !!!
I am so happy for you!
Lovely regards

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