~A Lovely Day~

Good morning :)

Even though it's frigid cold outside, it is so lovely to enjoy an early morning cuppa by a sun-shiny window...Because, boy, those clouds come and they stay for such a long time, and on those days, I just want to crawl up in bed.

Luckily, today is not one of those days. Full of bright, sun-shiny comfort :)
And do I have a lot to get accomplished today! So I'm starting here. with a few projects I've been meaning to share for a while now....The stash of crafty goodies has been slowly accumulating, sitting in my crafty space, waiting for the big day....

What big day, you might ask?
I have been taking a little break from my holiday crafting to prepare some special treats for the upcoming craft & bake sale, which will be happening on December 8, from 10 - 2 at the Studio!

I adore crafty sales like these...Because it is about so much more than just sharing lovely things and yummy baked goods.
 I love seeing the variety of ideas flowing about, and the chit-chatter among friends, both old and new...Connecting over a common passion...A love for the homespun...
It is such a lovely way to take time out our busy lives to enjoy the spirit of  creativity. I love the inspiration it ignites... Often times, when I pick up some yummy new item at a crafty sale, I instantly want to head into my crafty space and create something lovely myself. It pushes me to think outside the box and gets my creative juices flowing...And I love the way that makes me feel :)
Do you feel that way, too?

I've been putting a lot of thought into what some of you would be wanting to see at my table...So much of the holiday work I've been showcasing lately will be heading out with me...But I've also created plenty of non-holiday cards, packages, and supplies with soft, delicate hues, and floral details...

It's a bit early for these bright hues, but I know many crafters think alike, and grabbing a few items to get ready the upcoming season is never a bad thing!

So, today. I'm sharing a teensy peek into my crafty sale stash...Hope you can come out and see it all in person!

Piles upon piles of button cards with homespun toppings, lots of felt, fabric and ribbon...As well as plenty of pretty little buttons...

I've kept the designs simple, and soft, so that the cards can be used for almost any occasion

I decorated a few jars as well - I think they are perhaps the cutest way to send a little gift...Imagine these little cuties full of bath salts, spices, candy, buttons and embellishments (for a crafty friend), or whatever else you can think of..
The best part is, all the decorations can be removed from the jars, so they become really useful once 
the gift-giving is done :) 

I know how many crafty souls will be at the sale, so it only felt right to create some crafty supplies, as well... In coordinating spring colors, of course.

As a well as some more masculine colors, with plenty of touches of white...

I hope you'll be able to join us this Saturday for a day of fun, crafty inspiration. 

Thank you all for visiting today!



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memarilyn said...
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memarilyn said...

LOVE LOVE everything you've done here!!!!!!!!!! Your photography skills are amazing too!

memarilyn said...

Silly me, that was from Marilyn M.

Monika/Buzsy said...

Pretty fabrics. Those hears are so sweet.

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