~Handmade Holiday~

This holiday season, we've decided to spend more time creating gifts form the heart...To share them with loved ones and to share them with all of you, in my shoppe!
I am so excited about this, because I have a very long list of home-made gift ideas I've wanted to try out for some time now...

Some neat ideas I've come across over the years have included everything form hand-crafted ornaments, to handmade bath toppings, and of course, many different types of home-baked goodies, decorated in pretty little packages with matching cards and tags.  

It seems like handmade gifts are everywhere and whatever you set out to make, there are most likely a wealth of ideas to get you started and plenty of supplies available to make the job oh-so-easy...And fun!

Before jumping into my long list of ideas, I decided to do something that was familiar to me, just to ease into the crafty spirit :)

I made some ornaments last year for our Christmas tree, so I decided to create a new set for this season.

I think these would make such a lovely gift....In a pretty decorated box...
Along with a matching card...

I used several different types of materials for the ornaments...

The large starts are made from a styrofoam, which I picked up at my local craft store.

After considering a few options of how to cover the stars, I decided to paint all the ornaments and leave the paper and pretty toppings for the decoration.

I used a lot of vintage buttons, lace, die-cut felt & glittery paper, as well as some stamped images to decorate these pretty little treasures. 

I also picked up a few porcelain frames which, although a little fragile, were the perfect base for 
all the lovely toppings I had left over from the first batch of ornaments I decorated. 

 I think these are so lovely, because they can be personalized with a photo, which can be switched out each year.

They can even be used as a fancy gift tag to top off a very special gift...

Whatever the case, I think they are so lovey and full of holiday spirit! 

Thanks for stopping by today :) 



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LindaChad said...


Lizzyc said...

what a lovely idea for gifts, they look beautiful!!

Fi said...

I love the idea of handmade gifts and often do this myself as well. These ones you've made are so precious, just gorgeous.

Julie said...

all gorgeous!

LindaS said...

Beautiful and so romantik to look at. Love the soft colors.

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