~Incredibly Humbled~

What a week it has been.

So much wonderfulness has filled my life in the past little while, especially last week, that I'm having a hard time containing it all inside...So I'm here to share! 
{And maybe brag a little about how lucky & blessed I am with the best friends in the world :)}

Last Wednesday evening, I was still feeling quite run down from being sick, and after being at work, I was hesitant to make supper...So we decided to go out for supper and as soon as we had finished, Mark asked if I was feeling well enough to head out to 'check out a new camera shop', which by the way, is an ingenious way to get me out of the house (even when I feel terrible), considering my new-found obsession with all things photography.

As we neared the neighbourhood where I work, I started to wonder how I had never heard about this new store. Surely, if such was true, I would have known about it. 
Nonetheless, I was so excited about the prospect of holding a Nikon D800 in my hands, that all logic went out the window...

As we neared Scrapbook Studio, I was beginning to think something was off. How could there possibly be a new photo shop here without me knowing about it?! 

As we got out and approached the store, I realized that something sneaky was going on. 
Still had no clue what awaited me inside, though.

As we entered the Studio, I could barely believe my eyes. 
I could not stop shaking. 
All the while covering my eyes and practically dropping to the ground from the shock! 

This might help paint the picture a little better:

Yes, that is me.
Just about to fall to the ground as everyone is screaming 'Surprise'!
And boy, what a surprise it was!

When I finally got my footing, I was so excited to see all of my closest scrappy friends filling the room with biiiiiiiig and beautiful smiles.

To the side, a beautiful spread of yummy food & drinks, stunning centrepieces on each table, beautiful little paper purse favours, and gorgeous scrapbook layouts floating around the room that each girl had so lovingly handmade.

I got to take photos with each of the girls so that it could be added to their beautiful pages...Girls which I have gotten to know so well over the past few years, who have become a part of my life in a way that I did not imagine possible.

{Thank you Cayla for taking the awesome pictures and to Amanda for the awesome photo printer! I only wish I was feeling (and looking) better!}

Who would have thought that a hobby could bring us all together like this, create life long friendships and that I could find not just one, but a ROOMFULL of girls who think it's perfectly okay to hoard paper and scrappy embellishments just because they are pretty?

I love all of the girls so much...And I cherish our friendship so dearly.
I am so completely humbled and honoured by everything they've done for me thus far and for being such an incredible bunch of girls.

Gosh, when I think of everyone who put in their time to make this happen...To help with the planning, the food, the games, the gifts, the beautiful wishes and stunning scrapbook layouts that I will cherish forever....I get so teary eyed and overwhelmed with emotion. 

And mostly, I cannot believe my incredible friend Cayla, who organized the whole thing! 
Cayla is the kind of friend who, despite having a family, working, going to school, teaching, volunteering, amongst many other things, still finds time to listen to my wedding woes, brighten my day with cheery visits and on top of all of that, can STILL pull off something like this!

I feel incredibly lucky to know Cayla, and all of my wonderful friends.

Thank you Cayla, Theresa, Lori, Jen, Bev, Penny, Paullete, Phillane, Lynn, Stephanie, Carmen, Lana, Bonnie, Maria, Amy, Chrissie, Corinne, Lorraine, Charlene, (and to the girls that couldn't be there, but were definitely there in spirit) Sandy, Sue, Bobbi, Amanda & Kathy!!!!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!

Here are a couple of pics I lifted from Cayla's blog...You can check out her awesome blog and read all about the surprise here.

Here I am wearing the gorgeous floral headband that Cayla made for me :) spending some time with the youngest scrapbooker in attendance

Amongst all the gorgeous food & drinks that the girls prepared, here is a picture of the lovely (and super delicious!) cookies made by my dear friend Paulette :)

It was a night to remember and I am still a little in disbelief that it really happened!
I cannot thank everyone enough for coming and for all that you've done! Thank you being the best friends a girl could ask for!!!!

So, with all this partying & planning, I've been rather busy! I completely forgot to share a couple of cards I made a while back with some adorable TCM stamps!

So here they are!

I used some of the My Mind's Eye scraps I had left over, and adorable Owl Journalling stamp set from TCM!

The next card features the same set, Owl Journalling, and some more scraps I had kicking around my stash :)

Apologies for the long post...I just had so much to catch up on!
I hope you'll meet me back here tomorrow for our First Day of TCM Previews!

Sending love and hugs to you all,



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dstandard said...

Congrats - what a fabulous gift your friends created for you!

Becky said...

What a blessing to have have such wonderful friends. Beautiful photos.

Fi said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well, it must be going around.. Anyway what a lovely surprise hope you enjoyed yourself. Gorgeous card as well.

pattyo said...

What wonderful memories for you! The cards are beautiful also!

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