~Is April Already Over?~

I have been a really bad blogger...Boy. Oh. Boy.
I must say, I didn't even realize just the length of time that has passed since I posted last. And now it is almost May!
 How did that happen? 

Not that this will redeem my tardiness, I'm still stopping in quickly tonight to share my gratitude for all of your lovely comments on my previous TCM post (Thank You!!!!) and to share a quick post about my Miss Art's class that is currently available!

It's a class that talks about all things shabby, with three separate cards, that are created from start to finish with a few techniques I cannot live without! If you love shabby chic and rustic creations, then this class is perfect for you :)

You can check it out here!

I promise I will be back real soon with some actual creations....Just as soon as I get my cards finished and photographed. 

See you soon!



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