~Miss Arts Free Class Event!~

**ETA: I've noticed some questions wondering where to find the class below - you can access this class right here!**

Has Halloween left you covered in sweet wrappers, partially duct tapped to your child's abandoned costume with a bank account balance that's more trick than treat? If your feeling more hallow than happy let Miss Art's headmaster treat you to a fantastic, but time sensitive offer. For this weekend only, (November 4 - 6th) enjoy a tuition free class designed to renew your creativity, and go easy on your wallet.  You can even snack on the candy "taxes" you've stolen from the kiddos while taking the class.  Beginning on Friday, November 4th, you will have 3 days to check out one of our most popular classes for free, no subscription needed. In “Layered Layouts”, you will accompany our inspired resident architect, Julie Winks, as she explains the essential underpinnings of daringly designed layouts. We hope to see you in the class room and if you enjoy our class that you'll be kind enough to leave an apple or a comment for the teacher.

Check out the gorgeous layout featured in the class!

Don't miss out on the fun - it all starts tonight, at 10pm EST!!!!



3 lovely comments:

Tanya said...

how cool, off to check it out!

Astrid Maclean said...

Hi Ivana,
Where can I find this event? I tried to google it but nothing comes up, just your blog. Would love to check it out...

Vicky Alberto said...

she scraps again, love it :)

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