~Introducing Webster's Pages Novel Tree~

Have you ever wanted to create scrapbook-inspired books that envy some of the beautiful creations, which up until now, could only be achieved through the wretched creation of scrapbook page, after scrapbook page, only to find out that suddenly your family members would all like the same 40-page book too?!

Oh I've been there.

That is why I was so ecstatic to hear that Webster's Pages was launching a unique product line, called MyNovelTree,  specializing in Photobooks, Pocketbooks and Scrapbook Pages!

Each product is unique and you can learn about their differences just by clicking on the links above.

Just to show you an example, here is a gorgeous Photobook, professionally designed by a team of Webster's international artists, and just waiting for your pictures!!!

No scrapbook experience required! The best part - it is so easy to just add the pictures you want into the pre-designed books! The books are printed and shipped right to you!

If you're still not convinced, take a look at this gallery here, to see all the stunning book options!

And here is the best part of this new product, only available for a limited time!!!
By purchasing one of these beautiful books, you will be automatically added to our Founder's Club!!!!
Which means that you will receive 20% off NovelTree products for LIFE!!!!
Read more about it here


p.s. I can't wait to share my book with you all when it gets here!!! 


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